Security Management

Controlling access to your facility is fundamental in establishing a secure work environment.

Security Management

IDaxxess™ increases security by auditing door access and preventing unauthorized entry. Badges can be created in IDimage™ or pin numbers can be used directly on a keypad to gain access. Both badges and pin numbers can be disabled without the need to change locks or keys. Controlled access for a temporary worker can be granted and then disabled when time expires. According to the schedule you control, doors will lock and unlock at a set time or on demand at the click of the mouse button. The system operates on a battery backup and there is no single point of failure to ensure security 24 hours a day.

From a one door stand alone system to a comprehensive solution you can control access to pre-defined areas at pre-defined times providing peace of mind for you and your employees.

Products We Offer

  • Genesis Pro
  • TA100 pro
  • CeleriTime
  • SaaS Hr
  • ID Visitor