Time and Attendance Software

Time and Attendance Software

Our complete line of time and attendance solutions makes it easy and more efficient to manage your workforce and track employee time. We can help simplify the arduous task of collecting, managing, and processing your employee time.

By choosing one of our multiple options
for time tracking you can:

  • Reduce Labor Cost & Minimize Compliance Risks
  • Enforce pay and work rules consistently
  • Manage Employee Data
  • Manage your time and attendance data and employee profiles
  • Capture Time through Multiple Work Environments
  • Collect data through the Internet, mobile phone, time clocks (keypunch, badge or biometric), kiosks, or computer.
  • Make Time Tracking Easy
  • Calculate shift differentials, premium conditions, holiday rules, PTO, break and lunch rules, and much more
  • Guarantee uniform application of pay policies


Choose from these excellent products:

  • Celeritime
  • Genesis
  • TA100
  • SaasHR
  • vIDix Labor

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