Implementation and Training

Good technical design can result in substandard system performance if not implemented properly. In addition, integrating technologies from multiple vendors can create confusion regarding responsibility and accountability. Today’s market requires quick response to opportunities and competition. To meet this need, ComTech provides Workforce Management and Workplace Security solutions along with implementation services that are not only comprehensive, but also customized to meet your needs.

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Support & Maintenance

Our exceptional Support Team provides ongoing support and maintenance on all of our products. Our internal service level agreements provide the standards by which the team sets targets. We use a combination of technology options for providing support, including telephone, web-based remote support, and on-site support for clients within our travel area. Technical phone and web-based support are provided during our normal business hours, 8 AM to 5 PM Monday through Friday.

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Software Integration

Data integration between our Workforce Management solutions and your existing systems streamlines your processes and provides flexible reporting options. We eliminate multiple points of data entry through transfer of data between systems. Data can be consolidated from various systems, providing more efficient, timely management reports.

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