Credential Management

Badges can be used in the workplace for identification, building access, data collection, Time and Attendance, and transaction processing. Now you can design and print quality badges in just minutes at an affordable price. Our credential management system allows you to design, create, and print your own customized badges. A comprehensive badge designer has tools to format text, add graphics, and add security features.

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Access Control

Protecting the people, property, and information in the workplace has become a top priority with today’s ever-changing threat landscape. Having an effective Access Control system in place is one of the most reliable ways to provide protection in your organization and bring visibility to your day-to-day operations.

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Visitor Management

Safeguard your registration process by accurately capturing and storing detailed visitor information. Our automated Visitor Management system is designed to meet your organization’s diverse needs. Accurately capture detailed visitor information in a way that makes sense for your facility. Your staff can perform registration, assist visitors in the registration process, or you can even allow guests to self-register by scanning an ID, and enter additional information such as reason for their visit through a self-service portal.

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