Our Time and Attendance solutions provide an accurate and versatile way to capture labor and attendance data that will calculate pay rules, track attendance, do job costing and much more. Dual entry is eliminated through integration with our other workforce management solutions or with your existing systems, such as payroll or HRIS.

You can proactively manage your workforce allowing you to better control your labor costs and improve productivity. Powerful reporting tools for standard and customized reports provide the information you need, when you need it.

A myriad of data collection options are available allowing you to select the best method for your company culture. Biometric methods prevent buddy punching and are available in finger ID, hand geometry, and facial recognition models. Non-biometric devices include badge ID in various formats and keypad entry. A mobile app can allow for remote access for data collection and employee self-service functions.

Employee’s using our clock in Software Morgantown, WV