Safeguard your registration process by accurately capturing and storing detailed visitor information. Our automated Visitor Management system is designed to meet your organization’s diverse needs. Accurately capture detailed visitor information in a way that makes sense for your facility. Your staff can perform registration, assist visitors in the registration process, or you can even allow guests to self-register by scanning an ID,and enter additional information such as reason for their visit through a self-service portal.

Our Visitor Management solution enables organizations to efficiently track visitors, print badges, and can be integrated with an Access Control system. Tailor sign-in screens with your company logo and other graphics that show visitors a professional appearance while representing your company culture. Define what visitor information is to be captured and how it will be done using our hardware and software solution. Create Internal Watch lists to email a host when a visitor arrives or when action needs to be taken for security purposes.

Whether you are using a traditional guest book for visitor sign-in, have lobby attendants greet and check in visitors, or have an unattended lobby, our Visitor Management software and related accessories provide a comprehensive automated solution.